Micro Grid

Micro grid

In Telemenia, we have the knowledge and experience to construct, operate and maintain all power solutions relevant to the Micro-Grid, including: Thermal power stations, Solar panels, Batteries, Wind turbines and diesel generators. Telemenia is the optimal place for customers who seek Micro-Grid solutions

What is a Micro-grid: As technologies and policies continue to evolve, communities and businesses can choose to supply their own energy locally by building their own Micro-Grid. A Micro-Grid is a group of interconnected energy users and distributed energy resources. These are energy systems that can include: Solar panels, wind turbines, batteries and combined heat and power plants. This means energy is generated closer where it’s needed.
The Micro-Grid, which can be connected to the central grid, can function as a supplement or operate independently, providing a secure backup when there’s an outage.
The Micro-Grid is greener with lower carbon footprint, using more efficient energy. It’s also a more dependent and more flexible energy solution and because of its efficiency it’s also a good way to save on energy costs
As energy becomes ever more critical in our daily lives, Micro-Grids will enable us to shift from central power generation to local, flexible, reliable forms of sustainable power. When disaster strikes we’ll still have all the energy we’ll need to power our lives.