Renewable Energy – Biogas Power Plants

Gas production using an anaerobic process.

Bio-gas is naturally produced by organic materials such as sewage and urban waste through anaerobic processes. The use of bio-gas for electricity production contributes to a cleaner environment as it significantly reduces polluting emissions, greenhouse gasses and offensive odors in the immediate vicinity. Another plus is that use of bio-gas is supported by government benefits.

Bio-gas operated power plants are usually located close to sewage treatment or waste treatment facilities. The residual heat created by electricity production using bio-gas is sometimes used in a way that increases energy efficiency and reduces emissions.

Telemenia used the BOO system for its one megawatt, bio-gas, sewage treatment plant, Kfar Saba, Hod HaSharon.

Telemenia has subsidiaries that deal with solar energy (Inbar Solar Energy) and wind energy (Zodiac Wind Energy)

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