Cogeneration and Tri-generation

Construction of cogeneration factory, natural gas operated power plants

Telemenia is a pioneer and leader in Israel for the construction of cogeneration power plants using natural gas for factories and industry.

Cogeneration (CHP – Combined Heat & Power) is a process where, in addition to the electrical energy produced by a power plant, thermal energy is also produced through the utilization of the residual heat resulting from the generation of electricity. This process allows us to produce heat in the form of steam or hot or cold water. When compared to a regular power plant, the use of residual heat improves the power plant’s energy efficiency and reduces the use of gas or other fuels as well as pollutant discharges into the atmosphere.

The operation of cogeneration power plants has become even more worthwhile thanks to the increased expansion of Israel’s natural gas distribution system and governmental incentives for power plants of this type. Telemenia provides many different products and services, ranging from full financing of a station in a partnership with the client involving sharing of resulting savings to the construction of a power station for the client and the provision of operating and maintenance services.

Since 2015, Telemenia has established three cogeneration power plants in Israel:

Five megawatt and three tons of steam per hour, natural gas, Ofakim

Five megawatts and 3.4 tons of steam per hour, natural gas, close to Gan Shmuel   

3.4 megawatts and 1.4 tons of steam per hour, natural gas, close to Dvira Junction

At the start of 2018, Telemenia won a tender from the Airport Authority for the construction of a cogeneration power station using absorption chiller technologies. The new plant will supply Ben Gurion International Airport with some nine megawatts of electricity and 1,610 tons of cooling per hour. Telemenia will supply the project with a MAN Dual Fuel engine operating on natural gas and diesel. Construction of the station will be executed during 2018 – 2019. As part of the contract, Telemenia will provide the station maintenance services for 25 years.

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